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Barrow Village had two draw wells and one pump. Each farmer had a well sunk in his own garden. In the early 1960s the road surface in Duke Street, opposite Alfred Barrow School, caved in on the site of one of these old wells. An ancient well in Well Meadow, which was built by the monks of Furness Abbey (four hundred yards from Barrow Village, in Salthouse Village), never ran dry . . .  hence its name, Boon Well, (situated in Well Lane). Part of the United Club near Salthouse Garage now covers the land on which the Boon Well was built. Boonwell Drive in this area is a reminder of this medieval well. The women used to go to the well for water, carrying it home just like the water carriers of the Bible stories. When Craven House was being built, an old well was discovered; it had bricked sides and was three feet in diameter. This was probably one of the old watering places for horses to stop, while carting iron ore to Barrow.

Home brewed ale was drunk with every meal. Ale possets were made for special occasions such as weddings or parties. This drink was usually served in basins. It was brewed by boiling ale and rum with bread, and seasoning it with sugar and nutmeg.