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There is evidence that dentistry was practised in the Low Furness area where the village of Barrow was situated.

John Summers, a nineteenth century dentist, from Newcastle practised his 'profession' in 1803 at the house of an innkeeper named John Burnett.

(From one of his handbills): "He begs leave to observe, that he is the only Person in the Kingdom who can extract a Tooth in the most decayed State, without Pain to the Patient; He also professes CLEANING, SCALING AND PLANTING TEETH, From one to a Complete Set. NB - He makes POWDERS AND TINCTURES for Hardening the Gums, Cleaning the Teeth, and Sweetening the Breath. Box 1s 6d - BOTTLE 2s 6d - Duty included. His Stay in this Place will be for a few Days only.

Source for Disease and Cures Chapter five “Life and Tradition in the Lake District” by Dr. W.Rollinson.