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This part of our website aims to provide accurate historical information about significant places, people and events in the Furness area.

In the “Our Barrow” series of books,* Alice Leach wrote “History is like a patchwork quilt because it, too, is made from fragments or “patches” of TIME, which are also very different in size, shape and pattern.” *

Alice Leach outlined the different types of source material which could be used when doing historical research.  A PRIMARY source originates in the actual period being studied, whereas a SECONDARY source is written long after the event has taken place.

Sources of written history such as newspapers, plans and maps can be found in Archive offices.

Oral history recordings provide an invaluable source of information about places, people and events in the past. Buildings provide clues about the past, as do the names of places and streets. Legend and folklore contain interesting details which can be considered alongside all the other records of the past. Family history research is another means of studying fairly recent history which can be very rewarding.

These pages contain “patches” of TIME which reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Furness area.  

*Our Barrow: Barrow Island Part 4, published in 1981 by Fletcher and Robinson, Ulverston.