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William Fisher was a yeoman farmer of Low Furness and an important man in the village of Barrow. He kept a diary of local happenings, births, marriages and deaths, records of sowing and harvesting times, tragedies and every day events. The diary first came to light by pure chance. Several years ago, a student, following Bill Rollinson’s advice that nothing that was handwritten should ever be thrown away, showed him a book which she had borrowed from her friend Russell Rowlandson; this book was in fact one of the very few hand written manuscripts from Barrow Village - it was “The Diary of William Fisher of Barrow, 1811 to 1859”.

This important record is now safely installed in Cumbria Record Office, by kind permission of its owner. In 1986, Bill Rollinson, in collaboration with the archivist, Brett Harrison, painstakingly copied the whole of the diary, including all spelling mistakes. It was then published as an occasional paper in book form by Lancaster University. This edition of William Fisher’s Journal “helpfully amplified by the editor’s introduction and support­ing explanatory notes, will therefore provide an important source for all interested in the emergence of modern Barrow”.... Oliver Westall (general editor).