Barrow in 50 Buildings

Local historian, Gill Jepson, is the author of a new book published in August 2018 by Amberley  Publishing. The book, “Barrow-in-Furness in 50 Buildings,” highlights the rich architectural heritage of the town and celebrates its unique story.

Each of the 50 buildings featured in the book has been meticulously researched and the reader is provided with a wealth of invaluable information. There is a fine collection of colour photographs showcasing the town’s greatest architectural treasures.

Gill Jepson explains that “the town has quite a unique reputation for listed buildings, with just over 270 listed in the borough.”  The Grade 1 listed buildings include the beautiful ruins of Furness Abbey, established by Savigniac monks in 1127 and built of local red sandstone. It is fascinating to learn that “Furness Abbey was a significant part of the history and development of Barrow, and the medieval beginnings have influenced the later development and blueprint of the town.”

Each of the buildings featured in the book has been selected on its architectural merit, from the Perpendicular style of Furness Abbey to the Gothic Town Hall, from the Beaux Arts Public Library to the most recent modern design. The reader can sit back and enjoy a guided tour of this town, whose motto of “semper sursum” or “always rising” is reflected in the unique history of the town.

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