1.   Cumbria County Council

 A Cumbria County Council Community Grant was awarded to the society in March 2016.  Guest speakers were frequently requesting the use of a computer/ digital projector at our monthly meetings, so we applied for funding towards the cost of purchasing the equipment. We were able to buy a new laptop computer and digital projector with the grant in April 2016.We receive virtually all our correspondence online and the laptop is a convenient way for the committee to organise society business.

2.  Furness Building Society     

Furness Building Society made a donation to the society in April 2016. This was part of its “Furness 150 Community Giveaway” scheme, which consisted of 150 payments of £150 to support projects that benefit the local community. We were able to use the donation to help to pay website fees.

The Furness Building Society was established in 1865 at a time when the town of Barrow was rapidly becoming a boom town. The town’s population had been 3,135 in 1861 and had risen to 18,901 by 1871 so that although houses were being built on a massive scale, it was almost impossible to keep up with demand.” In the 1860’s and 1870’s Barrow was a centre of immigration, workers poured in – miners from Cornwall, iron workers and shipbuilders from Staffordshire and Scotland, navvies from Ireland-they came by rail, by boat and on foot”.*Barrow and District by F. Barnes published in 1968 by Barrow-in-Furness Corporation

Since the Furness Building Society was established in 1865, the town has continued to grow and evolve.

3.  Sir John Fisher Foundation

The Sir John Fisher Foundation made a donation to the society in October 2016. We were successful in our application for a grant to update the design of the history website which has been updated and renamed barrowhistory.co.uk.

The Sir John Fisher Foundation is a charitable trust established in 1980 by Sir John and Lady Maria Fisher. He was the Chairman of James Fisher & Sons plc, one of the world’s oldest shipping companies, founded in 1847 by his grandfather. Sir John received a knighthood in recognition of his work at the Ministry of War Transport. He played an important role in the evacuation of Dunkirk and in organising the landings in Normandy on D Day.

Lady Maria Fisher had been a famous opera singer before the war (Maria Elsner) and, after their marriage, supported her husband in his business career. Sir John’s interest in the lives of the people of Barrow-in-Furness and surrounding locality was widely acknowledged. He and his wife gave generously to support many social and charitable organisations. Sir John gave a substantial proportion of his shares in James Fisher & Sons plc to The Foundation, so it could continue that charitable tradition.  

4/ Microgrant of £3000 awarded January 2018  for ‘Exploring the heritage of Barrow-in-Furness.’

  • Installing plaques at sites of local heritage interest.
  • Produce town trail.
  • Host launch event.
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